It begins

I finished the first read through.

I decided to try a reading experiment. Since I have a certain unease when reading on my computer, I uploaded my Word document to my Kindle so I could read it in relative comfort.  It also gave me an opportunity to imagine it as the real deal (albeit a poor version). I discovered a few unintended benefits to reading on my Kindle Touch. One is that it can tell you how long it takes to read, very handy when there is a deadline looming.  Another benefit is that any formatting issues are impossible to miss.  I highly recommend you give it a try.

I started “Life With a View” about fifteen years ago. So this first read through was mostly to reacquaint myself with the story. But I discovered a small problem in that it is not even close to a complete draft. The story isn’t even complete. I am currently in Japan, a good half a world away from any concrete notes that I made or any other files that are stored on another computer that I thought I transferred over. I’m starting to feel the convenience of this cloud that people are talking about.

At any rate, I am without my notes. All I have is the story as written and my memory, which hasn’t served me well.  Time to fill in the blanks and create it anew.

So begins the arduous Outline.


Where will it lead?

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