Outlines make the world go round


A little hint at the outline so far.

The outline is coming along. Hopefully it will be finished by Friday but an unexpected work emergency came up. No excuses. I will get it done!

So far, forging through the outline has yielded some very valuable insights. It forces me to examine the layout not only of plot and story, but also organization of perspective and how events relate to each other. It will take some serious work flubbering through and reorganizing but it will result in a much more refined and tighter product.

One part of me is frightened of the daunting task ahead. Every little hole and weak aspect of “Life With a View” is overtly obvious once that layout hits the page. Hopefully, I will be able to turn my mediocre work into something presentable.

Do you outline?

Whether you do or not, I want to give a mighty Kanpai to the mighty outline!


Where will it lead?

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