In for the long haul

The development stage has proven itself to be more demanding than I first imagined. That is fine, it is just an element that deserves the proper respect. I’ve heard a lot of arguments about just writing. I believe it is true. There are definitely times when we just need to write, whether it is good or bad. After all, the editing process can clean up any ill conceived ideas and wanton phrases. The weakness in the just write argument, for me at least, is that writing without direction can lead you onto unknown paths. Could be bad. Could be good.

My process is a combination of just write and proper planning. I am a musician by trade trained in improvisation. Most people think that improvisation is a magical thing that produces a usable product on the spot. Good improvisationists make it look that way. The reason they can do that is because there is a lot of practice in the background. For every note you hear, thousands, millions even, were played in some back room, bedroom, or practice space without the luxury of an audience. Forms are practiced, patterns are practiced, music is listened to, and so on. Improvisationists know the plan and rely on their practiced experience to see them through.

It is the same for me with writing. The development process also contains an extraordinary amount of writing. It may not see the light of day, but I believe it will create a stronger product in the end. And who knows, maybe some of that random stuff will find its way into the final product. It’s been known to happen.

What do you think about the development stage? What kind of process do you employ before a product begins to take shape?


Where will it lead?

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