Writing it is

It begins and it continues. It ends and it takes a break. But really, writing is the best part of writing. Durh! Writing is a blanket term for a huge combination of things. Researching, thinking, scheduling, cleaning, shopping, doing the dishes. It’s all writing but it isn’t writing.

There’s something about sitting down and finally getting to that page. That empty notebook just waiting to be filled with scrawling script. It fills me with satisfaction that I get nowhere else.

Today I would like to talk about where I write. I currently live in a cube of an apartment in Japan. Basically, if you sneeze you will hit your head on cheap construction. Sometimes I feel like that cliche bull people talk about. I don’t have much space, and any space I do have is multi-use. That’s okay, I can bend around that. “Where” can be a big word meaning much more than place, but also thing.

I suppose there are two ways to write.

With a pen.


With a keyboard.

I find that keyboards restrict my ability to convey information effectively. Maybe it has something to do with my generation. I didn’t own a computer until I was 18 years old. 1996 it was. The internet was dialing up slowly but surely and new mysteries drifted on the horizon. Even after all these years, half my life now, (That sounds strange.) I still have a block when it comes to composing new text while using a keyboard. But give me a pen and paper and the words flow. They gush like nobody’s business, most of the time to my great distress. I’m not sure what it is, but I must write with a pen and paper, preferably a notebook. Once I get a decent amount written I move over to the keyboard to input it. I feel it serves as a smoothing second draft. Not so much that it creates something nice, but that it can alleviate some of those awkward phrases my draft readers know so well.

I don’t know. What do you think? Keyboard or Pen for you?


Where will it lead?

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