The Choices We Make

There are too many questions.

Should I do this or should I do that?
Is this way better than that way?

They go on and on. Never answered, just piling up, stopping all forward progress.

There are too many options.

Characters? POV? Tense? Plot?

Things like these keep people from creating. Well, at least they keep me from creating. Sometimes the idea of something is greater than actually doing it. I mean, actually doing it requires work. I don’t like work. Nobody really likes work. Right? All work happens within nicely planned 80s montage sequences. How else would the A-Team get any work done? Where is my montage?

Sadly, there is no montage. Everyday we have to work. Everyday we have to fight against those questions and options. Everyday we have to write.


4 thoughts on “The Choices We Make

  1. We’re definitely faced with a lot of choices. Especially on the writing front: how should I approach this topic? Should I add more description? Is this paragraph engaging enough? And so on. When we’re faced with choices and decisions, we stop and think. And I reckon if we mull things over too much, we never really move forward. Sometimes it’s best to just go for it.

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