A little a day keeps the

A little a day brings the end near. aha!

Consistency is the key to success!

I’m torn as I continue to forge through the creation of content. A complete first draft is floating on the horizon. It’s a wonderful yet devastatingly dangerous place to be because I can feel myself becoming anxious to have it complete. Based on past experience, it is simple to start cutting corners so that I can reach that first milestone. I can’t give in to these feelings. The beginning, middle, and end are all important and deserve attention.

Part of it is pressure from the outside. I am excited and anxious to produce a finished product. But that finished product is still so far away. My initial timeline has had to be extended significantly. I originally set aside about three months to final product but that is just not possible under my current circumstances. I think I will have to extend it to six or maybe even nine months now.

Much has happened as I’m forging through this new endeavor. I’ve learned a lot about my process and under what circumstances I work the best. That in itself is valuable knowledge that I plan on putting to good use.

As I reflect on this new information, I feel my 500 word a day goal is a little low. But at the same time it is well within grasp. 500 words is easy to accomplish within a 30 minute time block. I am able to work hard the entire time and when the alarm goes off I want to write more. But I stop. It is difficult but it keeps me excited to come back the next day. When my target was 1,000 words and I wrote for an hour, I noticed that I began flagging around 40 minutes or so. The last 20 were spent wondering when the time would finish. And not just that, but the next day it was more difficult to get started in those first few minutes.

The thing is, as I reflected on my first month on the project, I averaged about 500 words a day even though I didn’t write every day. Now I still average 500 words a day or more by writing for only a half hour a day. There is no change in production except consistency. And I feel that is the key. Becoming an author is not transitory. It is a lifestyle choice. One that I must accept and embrace.

Maybe as I improve my discipline I will be able to increase the time. But I shouldn’t worry about that right now. For now, I will stick to my current plan because with it, success is within sight.

How much do you write a day? How or where do you write?


2 thoughts on “A little a day keeps the

  1. Very nice to here that you’re making progress on your manuscript. It must be an exciting and exhilarating time, so it’s always tempting to jump ahead.

    Quality over quantity. I set myself a target of 500 words each day too. Doesn’t matter the topic, I just write what’s on my mind, be it something interesting I’ve seen or some opinion on some issues out there. Sometimes I reach and exceed my word target, sometimes I don’t but the main point of it all is to write everyday. If I don’t, it feels weird.

    1. Thanks for your wonderful support, Mabel! I totally understand the weird feeling about not writing on one day. The sense of accomplishment is so much better. Here’s to everyday writing!

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