Where does it come from?

It’s one of the most wonderful, most intriguing, most vexing questions. I’ve always taken pride in that I can explain almost anything. A skill that I’ve been fortunate to be able to refine as I’ve taught English conversation to Japanese. I’d like to think of myself somewhat like Isaac Asimov when he referred to himself as “the great explainer”.

Maybe I’m aiming too high.

I probably fit into the “the explainer that might be able to help you out if you put enough effort to try and probably will laugh in the process of trying to understand a thing that which is difficult to comprehend in some major way along the path of knowledge”. Or something like that.

Explaining where my creative inspiration comes from results in a bunch of stammering nonsensical blather rushing bedraggled out of my mouth. See. I can’t even refer to it with normal language.

But what I do understand and that I can explain is that any moment can contain the seed of an idea. We just need to keep all our senses open so that we can absorb that singularity and incorporate it into a creative work. Inspiration is great, but I don’t believe it gets the job done. It is the spark of the bonfire that we need to get started but determining how to maintain the inspiration is the truly magical part. It needs to be nurtured and watered, talked to and caressed, urged or whalloped, but most of all, sustained.

Where does your inspiration come from and how do you sustain it?


One thought on “Inspiration

  1. Definitely agree with you there that practically anything can be a source of inspiration. Something we see, hear, eat, taste, smell, you name it. And of course, it can strike at anytime. That’s how inspiration is for me. But for a big part of me, inspiration is a feeling, or at least begins as a feeling deep within us that rises up. Sort of like a sixth sense. Something…magical. No need maintenance, inspiration just…happens. Now it’s my turn not to make sense so I’ll leave it at that đŸ˜‰

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