Exploring Producers and Consumers

Life is a constant balance between production and consumption. Without experience we cannot write yet if we do nothing but experience we can never write. I believe there is a subtle balance that we can find.

I’ve had a few conversations with others about the difference between producers and consumers. Producers are both, whereas consumers only consume. I think it gets at those ideas when people ask what your hobbies are. Usually creative endeavors are seen as quaint, especially when you want so badly to make it your life. Producers are constantly reminded that they shouldn’t be producers because it is a waste of time. You could be watching TV. You could be partying. You could be _________.

But there is something in producers that drives them to create no matter what, sometimes in spite of, anything people say to the contrary.

What would a world be without consumers?

What would a world be without producers?

We need both types. Each one adds value.

What do you think?


Where will it lead?

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