As I look back at the past few weeks I am filled with a certain cringe as well as an unfamiliar feeling of accomplishment. The cringe comes from my initial prediction of being finished with new content by the end of June. That’s not going to happen. Perhaps it was a little unrealistic given my current circumstances.

But I do have that feeling of accomplishment. On May 11th I discovered the 30 minute timer idea from Elizabeth Gilbert. Since then I have completed another notebook full of new content. That’s another 80 handwritten pages (about 14,000) words in 45 days. I have yet to type it. I don’t like typing. But the 30 minute timer works for that as well. Things are chugging along as well as can be expected.

The most interesting thing that has happened is that I find myself looking forward every day to my thirty minutes of writing. It’s strange. In the past I just wrote. I wrote when I felt like it for as long as inspiration would carry me. As a result, it resulted in more of a binge experience, particularly during the long winters in the Upper Peninsula. I remember talking to another writer at that time. He told me, “Well, you write for six more months than other people do.”

It made me feel good.

But looking back. It isn’t good enough for me anymore. My goal is to create content every day. Consistency is key. And what I’ve found is that I never feel satisfied when I cut off my time at the thirty minute mark. I hunger for more. But I have to stop. I must stop. I’ve discovered that by limiting my daily quota actually increases my long term production.

It’s an excitement I haven’t felt in a long time.

I believe each writer has to find their unique process. I think I’ve finally begun to see mine. Maybe it will change in the future. Maybe not.

What kind of process have you discovered that you never expected?


3 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. For me it’s free writing when I get stuck on something in my story. I start writing about what I’m stuck on and often my subconscious figures out what to do while I write.

    1. That’s great! Thanks for sharing. That’s the funny part about writer’s block. Just keep writing and it goes away. It might be the worst words we ever write but we are still writing and there is that beautiful thing called editing. Thanks so much and have a great writing day!

  2. “Consistency is key”. Spot on. Unlike you, I don’t set out a set time every day to write, but just make sure I write something, some sort of story or idea and save it away. It’s a matter of creating content because you want to create – and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Sometimes when I’m done with a writing spell, I look back at what I’ve written and half of it doesn’t make sense with incomplete sentences, but somehow I feel something reading what I’ve done.

    Process I’ve discovered? There will always be frustrations and surprises along the way.

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