Life and all that stuff like that and hmmmmm…

Yup. My string is defeated. I am completely shamed. After a good two months of consistent work I missed four days of writing. The human part of me says it was because life took over and I have to get that stuff done. It is true. Those things have to get done. There’s packing. There’s travel planning. There’s figuring out what to do after this current situation is finished. My time here is almost complete and soon Japan will be a fading memory, giving way to whatever current situation will demand my attention.

Life is not an excuse.

If I am to be serious about this thing then I can’t let it defeat me. I can’t let a small thing like life interrupt my goals. Looking back, I could have easily managed to fulfill my thirty minutes a day towards my goal. Maybe there is more to it?

Stability. I wonder if the fact that my current situation is unstable, or that my workspace is disheveled, or that my work schedule has become inconsistent, or the fact that so many bureaucratic frustrations have permeated my recent days, has anything to do with being unable to do the writing. It’s almost as if I have been defeated by the small things.

I am so weak.

Perhaps it is my greatest weakness. These things. It’s like I’m walking along minding my own business and these… things come up and stick their oversized shoes out to trip me. One is okay. I have to ignore it or satiate it, but then there are more and they demand my attention.

But you know what? I wrote today.

I don’t want this to sound too whiney. These things are real and cause real problems. Some people are better at coping than others. I am on the weak side of that spectrum. Now that I recognize my weakness I can turn it into a strength.

I want to end this little charade on a high note. Here’s a picture of me with a resolute owl on my shoulder. Yay!



3 thoughts on “Life and all that stuff like that and hmmmmm…

  1. “Life is not an excuse.” Well said and I couldn’t agree more. I emphatise with you. These couple of days I haven’t been sitting down and writing stories. Rather, I’ve been editing previous articles I’ve written. As someone once said to me, “Life gets in the way”. It sure does. But if we want to achieve something, I like to think, “No excuses” and we’ll get around to it. Somehow. Sounds like you’re starting a new journey, good luck. Love how the owl is staring right at the camera šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Mabel. I’m trying to be very hard on myself here. So much is happening and I can’t help but force myself to do these things. I really see my writing as a job now. Probably because in two weeks I will be out of work for an indeterminate amount of time. The only thing I can see making any money at all right now is writing. Probably not the best thing to count on.

      I think writing every day does it well. Whatever focus we have at the moment has to be what we work on. If that is editing, then that is it. I just know that whatever goal I have set, I must make it. Just like a job.

      The owls were pretty cool. I have to admit though, that they kinda scared me. But they were friendly.

      1. I think a lot of us creative types are hard on ourselves, especially with our craft. Art and craft – in the creative sense – knows no boundaries. Maybe that’s why we strive so much to perfect our writing. Maybe we should just learn to be glad to have the time to write – which is what you touched on, focus on the moment. Out of all the creative industries out there, I think it’s hardest to make a living out of writing. Why? Because not everyone likes to read.

        I hope you make ends meet, one way or another, and all will be well in writing land. Good luck with it all. I’ve been there without a job recently and looks like I’ll be heading that way again soon – but this time I’ll see it as a new beginning.

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