Gone but not forgotten

I said it in the last post. Just a little thing about not letting life get in the way.


Life got in the way.

But I’ve also discovered some interesting commentary on the subject. Elizabeth Gilbert recently moved and said she took some time off to get it done. Now her new writing room is ready to go and the writing begins anew.

Neil Gaiman wrote a post about the writer’s life and entitlement.  He also talked about writing as a job. We all need time off now and then to catch up on some things. In the post he mentions another writer/comic artist that took some time off to paint his house. His editor was angry and used the reasoning that the fellow could have paid somebody to do it for him and that he would have made more money. Neil Gaiman wrote:

And I thought, but did not say, “But what if he wanted to paint his house?”

It’s details like this that make me begin to reevaluate my approach to being a writer. I have thought long and hard and have decided that it is what I want to be. Now, just like anything, I must work diligently to make it a reality. But that doesn’t mean punishing myself over it.

I know there is the whole thing about the life of a creator. “There is no day off” floats around the ether. Of course there isn’t. Creators never stop thinking and they never stop doing. For me, some of my most “aha” moments come in the mundane, doing the dishes, vacuuming the carpet, painting, cooking, walking to work, etc. Common, everyday life is my muse and it fuels me like a perpetual motion machine, stimulating my creativity towards new places.

So yeah, I missed a few days of writing due to moving from one country to another. Does it make me a bad writer?


Quitting makes me a bad writer.

And that is not going to happen any time soon.

Now start writing!


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