A Reflection of Space

During my recent journey across the world, I’ve able to think about what my writing space means to me. It’s changed so much recently and I’ve had to adapt to constantly changing situations. I’ve heard people talk about their workspace in the past but it’s something I’ve never thought much about. To me the having a special space just never dawned on me. Maybe it was because my situation just never allowed that space to form. The most recent place I lived in was quite small and every space was multi-use. But now that I’m staying in a place that has multiple rooms, the idea of a special workspace has entered my mind.

I think deep inside we all really want to have a special space all to our lonesome so we can get the real work done. At least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

I’m curious as to what you think about it.

Do you have a special space? What does that space mean to you?


3 thoughts on “A Reflection of Space

  1. Two very good questions there, Matthew. Being on the move, I suppose you’ve made your head or mind your special place – when you feel the urge to create, your mind just “turns on” and off you go, no matter where you are and what is happening around you.

    That’s something I find hard to do. My special space would be the corner in my room where I have my desk and laptop. That’s where I do my writing. A lot of the time being in a different place brings up my anxiety levels, so for me to get in the writing zone I guess that’s why I’ve always retreated to this part of my room. Special space, for me, it would mean a place or a mindset where I can retreat to. Where I surrender my thoughts to the creative juices inside of me while at the same time having enough (physical) control to string everything into legible stories. If I’m collaborating with someone, then I don’t mind welcoming them into my special place.

    1. I guess you’re right. What I’ve noticed is that I usually put in my headphones and wherever I am becomes that space. It has evolved out of necessity, but a part of me really wants that special space. Guess I’ll have to set that as a goal and work towards that. Love hearing your thoughts.

      1. Listening to music and writing. That’s another topic altogether. Generally I plug my earphones in, music going into ears when I write. Music stimulates me to write, apart from blocking out distracting sounds. However, there are quite a few times when I just can’t stand listening to music while writing. And it’s usually when I’ve been unable to come up with new writing ideas.

Where will it lead?

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