Progress Report

I guess I should actually start talking about what is going on here. On Monday, I filled in another notebook which puts my word count at about 90,000 words, give or take. so that puts me in the range I was looking for. The story is definitely on the home stretch so it will probably finish around 100,000 or so.

So that’s that. About a month to go for a complete first draft. Then I will release the story into the wild to my trusted readers. Then I’ll need a lot of help with developmental editing. the thing about being so immersed is that we become blind inside our second life.

Two questions:

What did I miss?
What should be deleted?

I’ll have to give it another full read through as well. I am still hesitant to discuss the story as of yet.

But for a little fun and if you’re interested, I’ll give you a little history.

Life With a View is a story fourteen years in the making. I started writing it in my early twenties. I wrote solid for a good six months and created a good chunk of it. Then I put it away because life. I wasn’t a serious writer at the time. I was more of a dabbler.

A few years and computers later I decided to revisit it. That’s when I discovered that I had lost a significant chunk of work on the computer. I never figured out why. I had moved a few times as well so I had no idea where my handwritten content was.

I felt defeated.

I gave up.

It would be another ten years when I decided I would finish it and essentially rewrite it.

I’m still hesitant to call myself a writer for too many reasons to discuss, but, I have developed a creative process that works for me over the years. What that means to me is that I complete what I start, no matter the project. Having my first major foray into story sitting like a forgotten corner nagged at me.

Now I am chugging away every day. Every day is one step closer to that release date.

One step closer.

Are there any stories you’ve revisited in your past? You know. Those nagging ones that keep bugging you to be told.


One thought on “Progress Report

  1. Congrats on reaching that amount of words. It really is impressive to get a first draft down, or at least close to it. I think when we’re in the editing stage we also have to ask ourselves: What should we add? What’s the story within the story I’m trying to tell? That history bit was interesting to read. Sounds like you see your story so much differently today compare to when you did in the past. Not surprising, given that as we get older and learn, our perspectives change.

    Any stories I’ve revisited? Can’t think of any off the top of my head. But I’m always bouncing around story ideas in my head on-the-go, bouncing them around my head when inspiration strikes.

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