First Draft Complete!

It’s finished!

By the time this post goes live I will have finished the first draft of my novel.

What next?

In a way it feels like a drag. An ending. It also feels like a major step. I guess it is. But it isn’t finished yet. I still have to type what I’ve written, something that will take a few days to catch up. Typing is my least favorite part of the process, always has been, probably always will. Certainly necessary. Then there’s editing. A lot of work right there, although I very much enjoy editing. The refining of story, plot, character, language, all the elements that go into a creation, instills a giddy sensation.


Rather disturbing I think now that I’ve written it, but I guess there are far worse things for me to get giddy over.

But there’s more. Editing the manuscript to completion is not the end. There’s the final title, another thing I find difficult yet enjoyable. But I’ve been told “Life With a View” is not an engaging title. Let me know in the comments what you think about that.

There’s even more. I need to design a cover. Then there’s the beautiful world of formatting for publication and the subsequent release into the wild.

And that’s that. A novel will be born.

That is the plan.

I don’t currently have a timetable in place. I am using this project to determine how my future timeline will make more sense.

As with all endings, a new question surfaces.

What now?

I don’t want to get too ahead of myself but I find it relevant to think ahead so I can continue #everydaywriting.

Do I only focus on this project or do I move on to the next project?

It’s barely a question because I already know the answer.

I want to do #everydaywriting. What that means to me is producing new work everyday.

Not just editing. That’s extra.

What I’m talking about is writing new words. Writing a new novel. Writing short stories. Writing commentary. Producing.

That’s #everydaywriting to me.

What is it to you?


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