Fear of Technology and New Worlds

Everything’s changed.

I’m not sure when it happened but it sure did. I find myself discussing the ‘other’ world with people. The world of Twitter. The world of Facebook. YouTube. Blogs. Sharing the digital world. It’s the unknown that reaches with wretched arms for a soul-consuming embrace, absorbing buckets of our time, our hearts, our aching need to participate and belong. It’s creating an entirely new existence. A mysterious, strange experience wholly new to all of us.

I come from a very small town. Some people say it’s just past the end of the world. The internet has connected this world to so much more. There are joys in discovering new things that weren’t available before. Finding new music, man, finding new, awesome music. Finding new books to read. More commentary from people out there that are really doing something. I think one of the most appealing aspects is that things are being created with intensity and passion. It’s information out there for the world to consume. Ideas, experiences, concepts.

It’s still scary as hell.

Two years in Japan created many new worlds for me. It was an experience unlike any other. Nothing I’ve done in my life, nothing I’ve practiced, thought about, twirled around, could have prepared me for what happened there. Well, I guess the reality is a bit less dramatic, but you get the point. It was different and I adapted to my situation the way I thought best. But now I’m back and things are the same and different. The view of the internet is different. Let me explain. For two years I existed socially on the internet and had little to no meaningful conversation with a face-to-face person other than my wife.

Now I find myself with an influx of people to talk with in real life.

The fear is almost debilitating.

But not as much as the internet.

Every like fills me with dread. Every share, a freezing stare. The retweets debated for hours. Save it and come back later. Leave the tabs open. Look at it again. Deliberate. Examine. Consume more. Forget. Every click a new door to a new environment, traveling around the world at the speed of a magic mouse flying on the invisible airways of invisible threads flowing all around us.

But we love it. I love it. The addiction to the information becoming the drive to wake up in the morning and consume more. Learn more. Share more.

We’re born so much in a world fully integrated with the environment and now that there is another option to which our attention is necessarily diverted. Ignoring one at the behest of the other results in a diminished experience within both. I guess we just need to find the fulcrum where we can feel comfortable in both places at once.

It really does enhance our experience. I just need to find the balance.

And that’s that. A pep talk designed to ease myself comfortably between these two worlds.


2 thoughts on “Fear of Technology and New Worlds

  1. Balance. Something we all want to achieve yet its seems elusive to most of us. Consuming isn’t all bad for us. There’s so much out there in the internet to read about and above all, learn from. But at the end of the day, there is something called the real world, reality. In order to survive and make a living, talking to others in person usually is a must. Maybe balance can’t be achieved…except for moving in between both spectrums.

    Up until the end of university a few years ago, talking to people face-to-face was completing alien to me (except for my small circle of friends). And when I landed a job talking to people in person many times a week, now that was scary. These days, not so. I suppose when facing our fears, we can ask ourselves, “What’s the worse that can happen to us?”. Usually the answer to that isn’t as bad as we thought it would be.

    1. Balance is my goal in life. Don’t know if I’ll ever reach it but it is my goal. Probably better that I don’t reach it.

      Coming back from Japan I’ve had to reteach myself how to engage in conversation. It’s been one of the most difficult adjustments moving back. It will just take time. Hope all goes well with you.

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