Snowed in

Not really. Just choose not to go anywhere in what I deem to be nasty weather and dangerous driving. It’s turned into one of those days where I just want to play guitar, write, and edit.

Started the morning off with coffee. A much simpler, easy going experience than Monster.

Then an invigorating thirty minute workout trying to shovel the car out.

Now I’m back inside. Sweating. Breathing hard. I’m out of shape.

Guess I don’t have my snow muscles yet. Two years away from this experience that is the U.P. creates a big shock on the return. Perhaps I’m more in tune to the insanity of it. I just shoveled out an area three feet wide by two feet or so high so that we can walk to the road without having to climb over a snow hill filled with mushy chunks of snow. The walls are getting higher, requiring me to toss the snow higher and further. It’s a strength workout combined with cardio. I know those can be invigorating but I’m just dead beat now. And that’s just the beginning. Then I had to clean out the parking area. Don’t even want to describe that.

Now the sweat in my middle back is evaporating, cooling me down, calming me again.

A warm mug of green tea steams.

Just sayin’.

Life is different in the U.P.


One thought on “Snowed in

  1. That is quite a bit of snow. Very wise choice to stay in. It’s pretty hot in Melbourne these days – and humid and storms, not ideal for moving too much about either. I look out the window and it looks like a nice day but when I step outside…I just want to go back in. And I’m a summer person.

    Hope the writing and editing’s all going well. Guitar? I second that 🙂 Sometimes it’s these times staying at home – being away from all that is out there – that the deepest of thoughts crosses our minds.

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