Shoveling Adventures

Winter. How long is your winter? One month? Two months? Five months?

Yup. Five months. People in the Copper Country tend to look at it from the time snow flies to the time it ends. It starts in the middle of November and everything is white until the middle of March. It pretty much snows every day for that entire period thanks to Lake Effect snowfall from Lake Superior. Not much. But it adds up. It’s known as the third snowiest city in America.

We know our snow.

It’s January 11th and we’ve received over 100 inches of snowfall. The banks are getting pretty high. I have to invest more strength into throwing it over the bank, which is about as high as my Blazer. I spend about 30 minutes shoveling out the spot. You can’t just go. You have to shovel your way out, and sometimes your way in. It keeps me in shape.

Being out there in it, the blowing wind, the bitter temperatures, the texture of the snow, the muscles working, breathing the constantly changing air, all of it, is invigorating. And the sense of accomplishment when you’re done. One more defeat for nature, a win for you. But nature doesn’t care. She never stops fighting. The small defeat you thought you gave her is quickly blown away and you have to try again later.

Again. And again. And again.

All’s the better.

Every wintry day is a lesson in the Copper Country.

Never give up.


2 thoughts on “Shoveling Adventures

  1. Brilliant piece of writing, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Man against nature. Somehow nature always prevails. We’re strong, but something else is always stronger than us physically and emotionally. But never give up is a good attitude to have, always. Another try, another lesson learnt. Take care, keep warm and don’t push yourself too hard 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Mabel. Facing the spectacular power and lack of empathy nature has always makes me feel small, insignificant even. But it also motivates me. It gives me a goal to strive for. Human vs Nature for sure. Have a lovely day!

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