Progress Update

It’s just work. Certainly not something that I enjoy talking about. When I sit down to do a post I struggle with what to talk about. Most of the time talking about work is not high on my list. I’d much rather plunge head first into an exciting, or at least what I consider to be an interesting, topic. Today I am forcing myself to talk about the nuts and bolts.

The down and dirty aspects of the creative process are not glamorous. It’s not like we can perform a tidy montage sequence and everything is done. One song and a few select clips and all the work is done. High five. Nope. There’s a lot of hard work involved and nobody wants to see it get done.

Everybody seems to say pretty much the same thing. Be consistent. Work everyday. Stop talking about it. Do it.

So that’s what I’m doing. Everyday I’m chugging away at editing Life’s Little Things. Completion moves closer each day. I may not be moving as fast as I would like, but I’m making progress.

I think back to that day last year when I (re)started this project. This time with a solid plan in place and the motivation to do it. The things I’ve learned from all my various jobs over the years has supplied me with the necessary traits to accomplish my goals.

I’m sure no one’s interested in hearing how I had to rewrite entire chapters because my younger self had an idea but not the means to make it happen. No one wants to hear the dirty world of cutting entire paragraphs of weak narrative. And no one wants to hear the screams of those poor words.

So that’s that. Twenty hours of editing down. A lot more to go.


Where will it lead?

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