Staying Current

There’s more information out there than ever before. There’s no possible way we can even process the information we receive in a day. Our brains have to move faster and faster, grasping new concepts, connecting old frameworks in new ways, checking facts, deciding what’s important and not. But the spread of information goes way beyond what you can control. All day snippets of information come seeping out of the most unexpected places. Some things we don’t deem important suddenly becomes a hot topic.

An interesting thing happened to me the other day.

I don’t watch sports. I have nothing against sports. I think they are a great thing. I just don’t watch. Which means I don’t know the names of teams or players. I know a bit because of those around me. But no details. I know there’s a grudge thing between the Lions and the Packers. I don’t know why, but the passion with which people talk about it is exhilarating. The language used: We and You. So much passion.

Today I noticed a lot of Packers uniforms that people were wearing. Several employees at a local grocery store were wearing them while working. I wonder if they chose to or if the management told them to. Perhaps there was a bet made.

It makes for great story. Everyday there are so many stories. So many. Tiny ones. Big ones. Boring ones. Exciting ones. Tons and tons of great stories. Stories in the news. Stories across the world. Stories in our hometown. Our own story. Those we want to tell. All of them wonderful stories.

Here’s to staying current.


Where will it lead?

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