How much do you show?

It’s the big question.

We live in societies that tend to look at sex as a bad thing. Maybe that’s a bit extreme, it’s so much bad but forbidden. It’s one of our most basic human needs. It also drives us to our most guilt-driven, ashamed selves. Judgment gets passed all the way around.

I hear tales of the erotic. We’re not supposed to like it. It sells very well. 50 shades right?

I see how pornography as an entity makes an insane amount of money. Insane. Who’s paying for it?

Then I encounter the conversation about how difficult it is to make the switch from erotica to mainstream fiction. A few have done it very successfully I might add.

So it appears that sex sells.

We don’t admit it. But it does. Sex sells

It brings up a good question.

How much do you show when you write a sex scene?

Now, I’m not writing erotica. So I can probably stay away from the colorful adjectives and slanderingly spectacular adverbs. They are fun though.

It seems there are levels to how much to show. Show too much and the maturity rating goes through the roof. No longer YA. But who’s to say how much? Is it the content or the language?

I recently read my first erotica. It wasn’t even close to what I expected. There were descriptions in there that I never imagined would translate to the English language. I laughed. It was good. It was bad.

There is definitely not going to be a scene like that in my story.

Two people meet. They like each other. They date. Stuff happens.

There’s more to it than that.

Time to edit.

How much do you show?


Where will it lead?

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