Things we do Alone

What are the things we do alone?

I mean really alone. Those moments when nobody’s looking. Nobody in the vicinity. Where nobody can hear you scream.

Please don’t share your answers. I like sleep.

I’ve been thinking about the lonely things we do. The things that keep us busy in those silent hours. Those late nights when the rest of the house is in slumber. Those early mornings when zs still waft from bedrooms. Before the sunshine. A sick day at home with the flu. Nobody to care for you. All gone to work.

No outside influence tells you what to do. Only you. What is it that you do?

Don’t answer that.

Moving on.

What have you done alone that you now do with people?

I realize now that there are a few things I used to do completely alone, lost in my own little world. Practicing for that moment to bare it to the world.

That must be passion.

Wanting to show the world what you do when you’re alone.

True passion.

It’s scary. There’s a piece of soul woven into each and everything. All those hours spent doing whatever it is. Now open to critique, hatred, love, or even apathy. That poor soul can only take so much. But it can grow.

So sit down and do what you do. Pour that blood into it. Cut off a few limbs for it, unless you need them. Crack your soul into tiny little pieces and spread them around.



2 thoughts on “Things we do Alone

  1. Time to be alone. That is a moment when we are afraid, and a moment that we cherish. Afraid because our true selves can come forwards, doing anything we like. In terms of creating like writing, sometimes the stories we write will shock us, or living past memories of our lives will.

    But alone is a moment we cherish because we can be ourselves without anyone telling us who to be or what to do. Us and our mind alone. Anything is possible to us in those moments. They let us dream. And in turn have hope.

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