And the Champion is…

IN THIS CORNER: Determination. Weighing in at what? Weightless? Ahem…

IN THIS CORNER: Excuses. Weighing in at. Really? Again? The weight on your chest.


Determination goes straight for Excuses. The dirge runs for the hills, bounces off ropes, flings over the side. Ohh! I can’t look. It’s a massacre. Determination is destroying Excuses.

Whoa! Look at that move, Jim. A lone Excuse came out of nowhere and blindsided Determination.

Where did it come from?

I don’t know Jim, but that Excuse is working Determination over. A kick to the midsection. Ohhh. Determination is down!

There’s more! More Excuses! They’re swarming.

Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ouch. That looks like it hurt, Jim.

You’re right. I agree with you on that one. But wait! Look at ’em fly, right out of the ring. Determination rallying.

Excuse on his back, Jim!

It’s pushing him down. Excuse’s weight is too much for Determination.

He’s fighting back, Jim. He’s pumping his fists. Look at Determination go!


Where will it lead?

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