The Writing Life

The writing life. What is it? How can we attain it? Do we even want it?

Maybe. Sure. Of course.

It’s relative. I’m sure that everyone has their own image of what the writing life means to them. For some it could be complete immersion in the myths surrounding the “great” writers of the past and present. For some it could be noodling around with words. It could be the next great novel. Maybe the writing life is just there to help you get through a rough period. Perhaps there are specific goals in mind. Perhaps not.

We have our reasons for writing.

We write to learn.

We write to explore.

We write to make money.

We write to make sense of the world.

We write to do so much more.

The intense proliferation of the romanticized view of the writing life has a great impact on how we perceive the writing life. We know what it means to famous writers. The quotes are everywhere. The biographies rampant. We want to follow them. They’re successful, so to mimic them is to become them. But we’re all different.

I think about this.
Writing, that is.
But I don’t often talk about this.
Writing, that is.

There are communities full of conversations about whatever topic you desire. We long to belong. To anything. It doesn’t matter. We must belong. We must identify. We must be that thing. We must subscribe to the myths, the legends, the truths.

It’s faith.
Identifying requires faith.

Where you place that faith is your decision.


Where will it lead?

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